ILOK has recently migrated their web-based license management system to a new Windows and MAC compatible application designed to perform all the basic tasks the website did and more.  Unfortunately, their initial release is a bug-ridden, poorly executed, frequently stalling crash risk failing upon simple tasks like logging into your account.  My first install of the new app bricked the system’s ILOK capability requiring over half an hour of troubleshooting to get plugins and applications to see my ILOKs again (including Pro Tools which won’t launch if it can’t see an ILOK license).  The exact same thing happened on two more systems that I maintain so I thought I’d write a quick post detailing the steps to go through in the event that this same issue plagues your computer.  In my case the ILOK License Manager showed no ILOKs connected post-installation so I’m assuming it was a driver permissions issue.  Follow these steps to troubleshoot:

  • First, if your ILOKS aren’t showing up in the ILOK License Manager but they ARE showing up in the system profiler go ahead and UNINSTALL the app with the provided uninstaller within the .DMG file.
  • Second, do a finder search for “PACE”, hit the ‘+’ symbol beneath the search field twice.  In the first row set it to “Name – matches” and then type in “pace”.  Under that select “other”, then browse and click “system files”, then change the adjacent field to “are included”
  • Now, browse through that list and move anything com.pace, “pace anti-piracy”, or obvious ilok related files to the trash. Empty the trash.
  • After this, repair disk permissions on your boot volume via “Disk Utility”.
  • Now, reboot and re-install the ILOK License Manager.

At this point your ILOKs should now be showing up in the license manager as connected and they should be successfully authorizing your software.  ILOK recommends running the “repair ILOK” function on each ILOK (which may take a minute per ILOK, perhaps longer for v1 ILOKs) after installing the license manager so go ahead and do that next by control + clicking on each ILOK.

As you can see this is a LOT of work to do to fix something that was working fine yesterday. ILOK support is saying they’re working hard to take care of all the issues but it seems like someone seriously dropped the ball on this software release.  In fact, I’m surprised the new license manager doesn’t come with a digital copy of Dan Aykroyd because it’s definitely a “not ready for primetime player”.